Meet our core Salesforce Dream Team!

Introducing Djordje and Shobhit who have worked together for over 2 years and successfully delivered multiple (NPSP) projects together.

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Djordje Hess, Salesforce developer and admin, key points:

Shobhit Aggarwal, Salesforce architect and developer, key points:


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Working on projects together, another day in the office:

Djordje and Shobhit did multiple projects together, below a short listing of examples, and how the tasks are divided:

While operating and maintaining a large scale project, Djordje and Shobhit regularly coordinated their efforts, sharing updates, and troubleshooting any roadblocks together, providing impeccable and seamless experiences to the End Users (Client side) trying to predict and catch possible future mistakes, thinking two steps ahead. 

Overall, their combined efforts and strong partnership allowed them to deliver Salesforce projects that addressed the clients' needs effectively while showcasing their expertise and commitment.

Please do contact us for a mutual introduction and let us know on what project we can be of assistance. 

Find current availability here:

Djordje, Shobhit and Marco

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An experienced software development team is ready to contribute to your project.

The professionals in our teams have worked together for many years on projects for A-rated companies. Their rates are very competitive, however.