Most currently used development languages, impression

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Used programming languages, impression

As there is a huge amount of progamming languages and methods around, we publish a shortlist for those people that want to start orienting on languages and wonder what direction would be conform market demands. This is a list separate from no/low code like Betty Blocks or Mendix, which could be something to start with in the first place as it gives you software without too much effords. 

Teamasaservice covers most languages through different teams and can make a combination of teams to build bridges between them, either in the corresponding language or with low/no code environments like Betty Blocks or Mendix.  


Shortlist of programming language 's popularity

Oct 2019 Oct 2018 Change Programming Language Ratings
1 1   Java 17 %
2 2   C 16 %
3 4 change Python 9 %
4 3 change C++ 6 %
5 6 change C# 4 %
6 5 change Visual Basic .NET 4 %
7 8 change JavaScript 2 %
8 9 change SQL 2 %
9 7 change PHP 2 %


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