SAP to EspoCRM, Business Case

Please find below a succesfull story of our Ukrainian team, migrating SAP to EspoCRM . The project has reduced costs significantly by a reduction in license fees for SAP. The software has also placed the company in a more flexible situation regarding to the software possibilities. A great example of how to combine different skillsets between teams to move a professional company to a more lucrative balance and a more agile ICT environment. 

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SAP to EspoCRM Migration Case

This is a brief migration case of SAP to EspoCRM for M.Water. Mwater was founded in 1986 and is currently producing 100 million liters of drinking water per year being bottled for customers. M. Water had it's ERP system in SAP and this has been migrated to EspoCRM by our Ukrainian team

Functionality Description

The callcenter works with customer profiles and accepts water delivery orders and EspoCRM has been modified to handle this according to the customer's needs. 

All tasks are assigned to the team. An available employee from the team takes the task and updates the task status after it is completed. 

The software registeres the following data: 

On the basis of these metrics, reports of the success of the teams and individual employees are generated. On the basis of the orders, the logistics of delivery is generated. 

Underlying Technologies

SAP has been completely been replaced by EspoCRM 

Millions of SAP lines of data have been imported into EspoCRM

EspoCRM has been installed dedicated

Back-end of EspoCRM is built on Slim Framework, Doctrine. 

Front-end is build on Backbone.js, Bootstrap. 

EspoCRM uses a MySQL database. 

Technical issues on the road

Customizing CRM, the team has focused on the fact that the entire functionality had to scale to a large array of data. On the stage server, tests of a new functionality with large amounts of data were conducted, to be sure it was scalable. 

Path from start to ongoing

The initial project of migration (including historic data transfer) to succesfully working in EspoCRM has taken approximately 6 months. In that time the team was working with an average of 5 to 6 people. 

For the last 2 years a smaller team is involved, doing maintenance and building new features onwards. 

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