Serbia for Nearshore ICT development

Serbia is very interesting for ICT nearshoring. In this blog we give short practical information as a start for nearshore orientation.

Teamasaservice has 2 daughter companies in Serbia through our Dutch owners, each having approximately 40 payroll employees and both providing teams for teamasaservice. These teams also work a lot for Dutch projects. One office is located in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad.

We also have different partners in Serbia like for Mendix, Dynamics AX and MedLab development. Please find our actual teams in Serbia here.

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Serbia 2019 population

Serbia 2019 population is estimated at 8,772,235 people at mid year according to UN data. The population density in Serbia is 100 per Km2.

Serbian working culture is similar to  countries like for instance the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Traveling distance

Amsterdam Belgrade is usually how we fly.

This is a flight of 2.5 hours for under a price of 300 Euro’s.


Pricing range ICT in Serbia

Currently the average price in Teamasaservice is approx 52 euro’s per hour for midrange / highrange developers. Please check the Serbian teams for actual prices in Serbia. 

There are specific technologies (like Mendix and Dynamics AX) with high specialized demands and higher prices.

Teamasaservice is invoicing our customers in Euro's. 

Currency: dd 25-9-2019 1 euro = 118 Serbian Dinar.


European membership Serbia?

Serbia is not yet a member of the EU, but is in the process of application.


GDPR in Serbia?

Serbia has regulations similar to GDPR, but as Serbia is not yet part of the EU in that matter, regulations are seperate and European companies should not allow serbian companies to access certain real European data.

Read this article for more information.

Impression of one of our offices

More then business and office

When visiting a city like Belgrade or Novi Sad there is some really nice places to visit when not at work. 


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The professionals in our teams have worked together for many years on projects for A-rated companies. Their rates are very competitive, however.