Team As A Service: How we manually compose your team

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On our teams page you can find our available teams in a certain time-span and price-range. This allows you to get a good impression of our possibilities.

However, we understand that the team you choose has to fit you and your situation. This is why in practice we always align with our clients in detail to compose a suitable team. 

Find highlights of the process below.

Step 1: Getting to know each other

We, including a technical senior, will visit you or have a skype call to get to know you and the challenges. We will be respecting the corona-proof measures obviously.

Working remote is part of our DNA so any option should be fine!

Step 2: Customer's challenges

Tell us about the challenge there is. Common challenges we usually see at customers are:

Step 3: Scaling up as possible solution?

Would scaling up with hybrid (mixed locally and remote) or remote teams be a solution in the current situation? 

Usually in above challenges, Team As A Service can surely be a good solution. 

When you have a remote team or team members up and running, you have a scalable, flexible and experienced workforce.

Once you are used to working with remote teams, you will be more agile and better prepared for changes. 

Together we can discuss if working with remote or mixed teams is feasible. 

Step 4: How to scale up

Working with hybrid (mixed locally and remote) or remote teams can be set up gradually.

There are different ways to scale up with remote team members, for example: 

Step 5: Agreements and on boarding

We have signed NDA's and we provide you with a contract that covers all necessary topics (IP, non-compete, privacy, etc) to protect you as the client. You are the owner of the developed code. 

After signing the agreements, we proceed to on boarding the team. 

You provide access to the necessary resources and environments like vpn's, tools and repositories to the team. 

Development can start!

Step 6: Part of the team

It is our goal to make this a long-term successful cooperation where we substantially contribute to the wellbeing of your company.

During cooperation, we can modify the team(s) as the required skills may change during the process so we will keep matching required skills for ongoing projects.

We facilitate in overall and technical directions if needed. 

We aim for being part of your workforce,

Contact us and let's team up!

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