The founding of TAAS with the individual approach

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The founding of TAAS with the individual approach

The individual approach of Team As A Service/TAAS


Is your software project behind schedule? Do you want to develop a new product, but you do not have enough developers, or do you lack expertise in your team? 


At Team As A Service, we help your IT project get started! 


We carefully look at what you need, what your team should look like, and which experts we can line up to get your project started. We look for the best developers with the right skills and expertise that suit your project. We keep a close eye on the entire process. We are dedicated; that is what sets us apart.


Our strength lies in the flexible teams that work for us worldwide. They are located in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. All of our colleagues are scouted and screened ourselves. We go for quality and cultural fit, which reflects in the projects and our teams. Some colleagues have been with us from the beginning. A significant advantage of our extensive network is that people are available quickly. We can scale up if necessary to keep your progress and project going. 


But what preceded this network of developers? How did TAAS get where it is today? 


The answer lies in the personal story of our managing director Marco Zuijderhoudt and the Rotterdam-based IT company Enigmatry. Their paths crossed a few years ago, both in the search for highly skilled developers. 


Marco worked as an IT manager on a Dutch project with a high-quality IT product in his previous position. Developers were needed, but they couldn't be found in the Netherlands. Marco went abroad, delved into the world of nearshoring, where he met Enigmatry. 


Beforehand, Enigmatry came up with the idea of offering their own developers as a service to other companies. This Rotterdam-based IT company has two offices in Serbia with around eighty employees. They work intensively on mainly Dutch projects with developers in the Netherlands and their Serbian-colleagues abroad. They do have a lot of experience with remote working and nearshoring. Offering their own developers to other Dutch IT companies was a great idea and that’s how they came up with TAAS, Team As A Service. The idea was great but never put in motion.


Marco shared his story about his search for developers. He wasn't able to find an organization that could offer a straightforward and transparent method. The world of nearshoring felt like a murky world, where you don't know who you can get, with which qualities, at which moment, and at what price. Let alone knowing how to form a team. He suggested that there should be a transparent platform available for this purpose. 


This is where two paths crossed, and Team As A Service was born! 


Marco (at TAAS side), Jelle, and Goran (at Enigmatry) are IT experts. They have been operating in this sector all their working lives. As a result, they recognize needs quickly. For example, among our customers, we have a company that operates in the medical industry. Since they work according to stringent protocols where nothing should go wrong, they needed medical developers for their project. "You often see with these kinds of questions that developers with the right expertise are difficult to find. We find these skills in our network. If we come across a developer who has done a similar project, we keep asking questions and will find a good match for the project.” 


The great strength of TAAS is its approach. Your project forms the base on which we put together a team. Developers with the exact skills required for your project to quickly scale up if necessary and communicate directly with a single point of contact: with TAAS, you choose convenience and quality.


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