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Do you have short term capacity issues? Do you miss certain expertise within your team? Do you not have the right network of people to find the best developers for your project? TAAS can help you with this. We have a large European network of developers with expertise in various fields; technical, as well as industry-specific.


It is also possible to remotely deploy developers for short-term projects.

We recently did this for a client with a software product in which video streaming, recording and analysis played a major role. They wanted to improve and renew their software library (a streaming server), but got stuck. TAAS expert Vladan was deployed for this. Vladan works in the Serbian city Novi Sad, and has experience with this software library.

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Vladan explains how the project went and what his role was in it all:

Day 1

The entire team works remotely, so at 9:00 AM we start with a briefing via Microsoft Teams. Together with the domain expert and the two other developers on the customer's side, we make a list of goals, which we then classify according to priority. I can get started! The goal is to build a proof of concept, a simple web application that demonstrates:

The team is organized in a mob-programming way, meaning the whole team was constantly communicating and collaborating. My colleague is facing a challenge. He shares his screen and coding, we help him out and make sure he can continue.


5:00 PM, the first day is almost over. We do a recap, check our goal list to see what can be crossed off. A busy day, but we have already achieved a lot.

Day 2:

Yesterday we got off to a good start; we did more than planned! This morning we start again with a call, where we go through today's to-dos. We briefly discuss them and adjust the priority list. We see that certain matters should be given a higher priority and others a lower priority. There are also elements that need to be added. No problem, because we are well on schedule!


After lunch, I share my screen with my colleagues to discuss where we are. Again we determine the priorities and we continue trying to solve the next item from the list.


Today, I am using my previous experiences in video streaming to address the problem that the team got stuck on. Great to see that I can contribute immediately! The team is enthusiastic and I tell them what I am doing to solve the problem.


5:00 PM; an intensive, but efficient day is almost over. We discuss the progress via Teams and close our laptops with a good feeling.

Day 3:

9:00 AM. With great enthusiasm I start the already last day of the project. Time to tackle the latest issues and get on with the finishing touches. The aim of the three-day project was to build a proof of concept, which the client could use to demonstrate the possibilities of this software library. They also wanted to know how they could integrate this into their product. And it worked. We fixed it together. We've done everything we can and more! The client is therefore more than satisfied with the delivered application.


We could never have achieved this result without the flawless cooperation within the team. It remains special to see how you can form such a well-oiled machine with complete strangers, and that within one day! Everyone has the same drive and focus and has the same mindset. The successful completion of this project is another box I can tick which I am proud of.


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