TAAS PHP 2 from Bivision

Availability estimate: January 02, 2023

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This team is very suited for scaling up your e-learning development capacity due to previous e-learning projects of the team. The team is specialized in the open source stack area, especially in PHP / Java and worked on miscellaneous LMS (learning management system) such as Moodle. Also accustomed with Agile Software Development practices, modern development practices and tools there is experienced in the development of large-scale and complex projects using automated deployments and testing processes.

€ 61,- / person / hour

About the delivery center Bivision

This delivery center provides custom software (containing e-learning) and product development services for companies in Europe. BAased in Bulgaria and has around 30 employees, the majority of which are software engineers.Besides below team an optional part-time Architect / Technical Consultant and a part-time UI/UX Designer can be available.

Bivision is specialised in the Open Source technologies stack: HTML/CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, React, TypeScript, Node.js, Java, PHP, Docker, Ansible, AWS, Azure, Elastic and DevOps.For each project we establish continuous deployment and automated testing process and an Agile approach.

Team info

Senior Developer

Senior Developer: PHP, Angular, Node.js, JavaScript, MySQL, noSQL, AWS, Azure, Elastic, TDD
(€ 61.- / € 488.- hourly/daily rate)


Developer: PHP, Angular, JavaScript, MySQL, TDD
(€ 52.- / € 416.- hourly/daily rate)

Tester / QA

Manual / Automation QA : Selenium, Protractor, Karma
(€ 48.- / € 384.- hourly/daily rate)

Senior UI/UX Designer

OPTIONAL: Senior UI/UX Designer ONLY 25% of FTE Available.
(€ 70.- / € 560.- hourly/daily rate)

Architect / Technical Consultant

OPTIONAL: Architect/Technical Consultant ONLY 25% of FTE Available.
(€ 74.- / € 592.- hourly/daily rate)

Customization options

This team can be customized to your needs. Feel free to play around and see the cost implications. Don't worry about choosing the exact best team configuration now, we'll discuss this with you after you make your reservation.

Senior Software Architect


Senior Software Architect


Medior Developer .NET


Junior Automated Tester


Junior UX/UI designer


Senior UX designer


Medior Automated Tester


Medior Scrum master


Junior Developer .NET


Senior Functional analyst


€ 27,160 / month

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