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Availability estimate: April 11, 2022

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This team is in the range of ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, AngularJS, JavaScript and SQL Server and based in Bulgaria. The senior member worked within BTS for 6 years, the tester for over 1 year.

€ 48,- / person / hour

About the delivery center BTS

BTS is a company based in Bulgaria, in business for over 11 years. It has over 50 employees and 3 offices.
Flying to BTS in Bulgaria from Amsterdam takes less then 3 hours, meaning a visit can be done easily.
SNN has more teams available for teamasaservice, so if you forsee a wider ICT need in the technology stack, or forsee you may need more teams to scale up, this company would be a good choice.

BTS has a main focus on the Microsoft stack. A technology impression: Html / CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, Angular / Angular JS, React, Web API / SPA, MVC, Azure, Web Forms, Micro Services, C# / .NET, .NET Core, SQL Server, Betty Blocks, Umbraco, Orchard, continuous integration with automated testing.

Team info

Senior Developer .NET

Senior Developer: ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, AngularJS, JavaScript, SQL Server.
(€ 55.- / € 440.- hourly/daily rate)

Medior Tester

Medior Tester: manual testing.
(€ 40.- / € 320.- hourly/daily rate)

Customization options

This team can be customized to your needs. Feel free to play around and see the cost implications. Don't worry about choosing the exact best team configuration now, we'll discuss this with you after you make your reservation.

Senior Software Architect


Senior Software Architect


Medior Developer .NET


Junior Automated Tester


Junior UX/UI designer


Senior UX designer


Medior Automated Tester


Medior Scrum master


Junior Developer .NET


Senior Functional analyst


€ 27,160 / month

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