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Availability estimate: April 24, 2023

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This team is specialized in the MedLab / medical domain. Not only is the team familiar with the medical technical terms, also in the required methods like IEC 62304 medical device software development. Usually team Documentation works closely with team Software. 

€ 69,- / person / hour

About the delivery center TaasMedical

Our MedLab delivery center is specialized in the medical area (IEC 62304 development protocol) and also in related items like secure communication, for protocol required documentation, etc. Companies can be made compliant to to ISO 13485 and meet global standards like CE, FDA and ANVISA.

Besides the Medical development and protocols (IEC 62304), the company is familiar in Telecommunication (VOIP with SIP, H.323, TRP and RTCP) and finance, FIX protocol based exchanges and building integrations with interfaces with Bloomberg, Xetra and Eurex. All in all area's that require a stricter development process to safeguard critical software. 

Team info

Developer and documentation

Developer, specialized documentation for Medical equipment
(€ 75.- / € 600.- hourly/daily rate)

Documentation expert

Documentation expert, specialized in financial and medical protocol development methods.
(€ 63.- / € 504.- hourly/daily rate)

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Senior Software Architect


Senior Software Architect


Medior Developer .NET


Junior Automated Tester


Junior UX/UI designer


Senior UX designer


Medior Automated Tester


Medior Scrum master


Junior Developer .NET


Senior Functional analyst


€ 27,160 / month

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