Scada PLC Firmware C++ HL7 DICOM from TAAS SCADA

Availability estimate: September 23, 2024

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As usual, depending on the client needs, the possible structure of the SCADA team will vary. Based on the project the possible tasks for SCADA teams would be installation and customization of an already purchased SCADA product, developing the missing parts of the existing SCADA system and development of a new proprietary SCADA system. 

€ 65,- / person / hour

About the delivery center TAAS SCADA

The team is hosted in the main Teamasaservice SCADA delivery center which has as main activity the development and implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, especially in the field of electric power industry and waterworks.
After the center was founded, it soon rolled in the field of telemedicine and in 1997 it establishes the first telepathology diagnostic center in the region.
Gradually in the years to follow we have established the stable cooperation with the clients such as:

• Hydro Power Plant „HE Višegrad“, Rebublika Srpska, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
• A company dominating world market with lenses in Germany
• Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia
• Clinical Centre of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Currently experience is in: 
• Design and implementation of SCADA, and other related automatic management systems
• Building of telemedicine centres
• Implementation of systems for the medical data transfer from medical devices to PACS system, using the HL7 protocol and DICOM standard.
• Implementation of PACS systems
• Distribution and implementation of working stations for medical diagnostics
• Smart QMS (Que Management System) implementations for all types of waiting rooms
• Cach payment system implementation
• Design and implementation of telecommunication Hw & Sw solutions

Team info

Senior Programmer SCADA design and system integration

• Project design and system integration • Development of communication layer
(€ 65.- / € 520.- hourly/daily rate)

Senior Programmer SCADA integration and data

• System administration and integration • Database management • Data processing
(€ 65.- / € 520.- hourly/daily rate)

Senior Programmer SCADA MMI

• MMI (Design, development and implementation) • MMI Customisations
(€ 65.- / € 520.- hourly/daily rate)

Programmer SCADA MMI and Reporting

• MMI (Development, implementation and setup) • Reporting system
(€ 65.- / € 520.- hourly/daily rate)

Customization options

This team can be customized to your needs. Feel free to play around and see the cost implications. Don't worry about choosing the exact best team configuration now, we'll discuss this with you after you make your reservation.

Senior Software Architect


Senior Software Architect


Medior Developer .NET


Junior Automated Tester


Junior UX/UI designer


Senior UX designer


Medior Automated Tester


Medior Scrum master


Junior Developer .NET


Senior Functional analyst


€ 27,160 / month

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