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Finding reliable and skilled ICT capacity is quite challenging these days. Here we describe the path to why and how nearshoring is a sensible choice, based on our own experience.

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The road to nearshoring

Finding reliable and skilled ICT capacity is quite challenging these days. It is difficult to find the right people and keep them on board. This is not the scalable situation you hope for as you drive your applications to market. Freelancers are expensive, not a long term option, and easily results in knowledge flowing out of the company. Outsourcing is an option, but how can you decide which type? And exactly what can be outsourced?

Outsourcing to where?

How would you choose the right partner?

The challenge you face is to select between many countries, cities, languages and companies. Ideally, you would visit a number of countries and cities to decide which companies suit your needs, preferably having them execute a test project.

You would be mindful of:

Practice would show that a key component of software development is human interaction. 
Mutual trust, as well as a good match in company culture and ways of working, is crucial.
For many Western European companies all this appears to be quite a challenge to undertake.

Many years of experience

Teamasaservice has many years of experience in nearshoring and has the know-how and skills to compose an effective network of reliable partners that can be contracted. We estimate the match (size, culture, technology), determine important conditions, and set up both contracts and the team, thus giving nearshoring a successful start. We apply this knowledge base to our portfolio of companies and their teams to provide estimated availability and pricing, and make them available for you to contract. If you need a team, we would search together to find the right match and help to build a relationship of trust on which a long term commitment can be based. 

More details on how we would manually compose your team can be found here.

You can team up with Teamasaservice to have nearshoring started successfully!

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