Why saving costs is no longer the main reason to go for nearshoring

Saving costs used to be number one on the list of reasons why to switch to nearshoring. However, currently nearshoring costs are almost equivalent to a local hire. Nowadays other reasons prevail to go for nearshoring:

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An extension to your HR department, speed up time to market

The IT market keeps growing fast and this is causing tension. The search for experienced developers started some time ago. Placing a job vacancy online is no longer enough to attract talent. Recruiters and HR colleagues must look for talent. They come up with campaigns and promotions, write texts, make contact and invest in their network. This takes time and a lot of money. Let us do this work for you!


We have a large network and can put you in direct contact with the right expertise. This saves a lot of time with HR colleagues. We connect you to the expertise that you are looking for and complete your team. With nearshoring "you don't just outsource work abroad", you work together with a remote team. We ensure that a team is dedicated to your organization, thanks to the agile working method and the many possibilities that remote work entails. A team is formed that will continue to work together for and on your organization. Regardless of what the distance is.

We don't just match, we make your organization future-proof

That brings us directly to the next point. Covid-19 has accelerated remote work. More and more organizations realize that remote collaboration does not have to be an obstacle to innovation. One of the opportunities associated with nearshoring and the use of experienced developers is that you can give innovation a boost.

How can you continue to innovate despite remote methods?

One of the advantages of a nearshoring colleague is that he/she is used to working quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. Our colleagues often work project-based and know that there is minimal space for extensive onboarding. They are used to immediately solve a problem, they like that and they are good at it. This is good for innovation!


For example, our colleague recently helped a video streaming project for three days. Our client got stuck because specific expertise was lacking in his team. We lend him a helping hand. Read here how these three days went


Rather tackle innovation yourself? No problem. Our developers are also happy to help you with the further development of your software, assignments for customers, or the continuous updating of software. Do you want to know what the financial benefits can be? Read our article about the break-even calculation.

Innovate, also with nearshoring

In short, do you want to innovate, scale quickly and be flexible? Then you do not have to go for developers who are permanently on your payroll. You can also innovate very well with talent from abroad. Want to know more about this? Please feel free to contact us using the link below.

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An experienced software development team is ready to contribute to your project.

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